Hello OCloud!

August 27, 2020 in News and Update, Promotion and Opportunities

Before now we have always thought of something we can continuously give from OYESource Empire to the world for free, and finally here is it.

OCloud is LIVE

What is OCloud?

OCloud – The new home for all your CHERISHED Files. A cloud storage service platform we created where you get 12G free to keep/upload, backup, manage and access your files (photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, and more) on any device, from anywhere.

Here is How OCloud Came into Existence

Some months back (about 4 months ago), our founder Davidollad came up with the idea and developed the platform with the intention to make it a storage centre for the OYESource Empire files for current team and future staff for the running of the Company. But we didn’t make good use of it, it was just there.

Drawing vibe from his loss of valuable content (from the unfortunate attack/robbery) compelled him to see how valuable the Cloud Storage can be – to safe-keep all important files that can never be gotten back if lost. And so we began to make use of the Cloud Storage more.

Some few weeks back, we began to think, “how many people out there have suffered from this same experience?” That have lost valuable files (robbed, attacked, misplace or whatever the case may be), files that could have been kept safe in the cloud an accessible anytime of the day, from any part of the world.

So we decided to make it available to the general public, and then it even makes more sense as something to offer for free without charging.

OCloud Homepage

Even though cloud service is not a new concept, but based on the feedbacks and observation, it appears people over here are not really aware of the big guys out there, the DropBox, Google Drive, Mega & co. and so we’re hoping to get the OCloud idea and value out to the public as much as we can.

And from today 27 August, 2020 we’re making OCloud available to the public, with 12G free to store, safe and access all your files.

Yes, we know this is a HUGE one… πŸ€—

The OCloud platform is a very expensive one to develop and manage (server and co), but it’s worth it and we’re hoping to explore the possibilities that comes with such a useful product.

Of a truth, it pays to know the source. OCloud is here, while OVest is coming in some couple of days from now.

There you go, OCloud to the world.

FAGEnSAGE introducing Fuoye Campus Award (FUCA)

March 1, 2020 in News and Update

5 years ago, an Award was birthed in Federal University Oye-Ekiti to celebrate the outstanding performance of Fresh Student, it was called FAGE (Freshers Award & Gala Evening) the journey led to the introduction of the Stalites called SAGE; FAGEnSAGE.

And for 5 consecutive years, FAGEnSAGE has been in existence and has grown to identify and celebrate students from neighbouring institution: ABUAD, COIkere, EKSU, FPA.

This 2020, OYESource Empire (mother brand of OSCEntz – OYESource Entertainment) is passionate about erecting an Heritage in Fuoye leading to the decision to focus the 2020 edition of FAGEnSAGE on Fuoye Students/Fuoye Campus, thereby introducing FAGEnSAGE as Fuoye Campus Award.

Most Importantly

All things FAGEnSAGE remains the same, the Iconic Award Plaque, the orderliness, outstanding process for the event and Grand Finale, most importantly all Social Media Handle and website remains as FAGEnSAGE.

FAGEnSAGE 2020 (Fuoye Campus Award) is the Heritage.

Thank you, xoxo.

JAMUARY Done! The 2020 Resumption Party in Fuoye by OSCEntz

February 6, 2020 in News and Update

Before the end of last year (2019) the OSCEntz Team have been preparing ahead for the coming year (2020). One of the to-dos is to resume the year 2020 with a BANG and follow through with the plan to really be the Source of Optimum entertainment for the year and this mindset led to the birth of JAMUARY

The concept behind JAMUARY is simply to host the Resumption/Fresher’s Party as the 2019/2020 session begins in Fuoye and this past Friday, on the 31st of January, JAMUARY was held live and direct at Fuoye 02 Arena (Main Auditorium).

Now that the event is over, and we’ve delivered a wonderful experience, it is with a grateful heart we say a BIG thanks to everyone who came.πŸ™

JAMUARY was an event that we did against all odds.

80% of students haven’t resumed but because of the concept “JAMUARY” the Resumption Party has to held on January.

Imagine the turn up regardless of the odds.

See some selected snaps

Up next is FAGEnSAGE 2020

New Product Launch Today – Wanger – Wall Hanger

December 31, 2019 in Milestone, News and Update

As 2019 is about to come to an end, it brings us pleasure to present to you…


Wanger is the Wall Hanger designed to cater for the neat handling of your clothes, suits, bag, belts, shirts and other accessories. It has a sturdily constructed stainless steel roll that can accommodate a large number of clothing. It is simple and easy to install on the wall.

Wanger gives your room a beautiful effect with your cloths well arranged on it for a free and spacious room! It’s an ideal hanger for all adult clothing. Constructed from a durable, strong, smooth medium density fibreboard (MBF) wall hanger. Suitable hanging for shirts, trousers, skirts, ties & belts etc.

It is built to keep your accessories neatly arranged and out of the way. Wanger is ideal to use in offices and rooms with limited space. Its another form of decor for your offices, homes and hotels, hostels and laundry shops. Practical for saving space in your home. Wanger will keep your room, office and home organized for many years to come.

Wanger Features & Benefits

  • Space saving
  • Fashionable and stylish
  • Very Strong and Durable
  • Easy to fix on the wall
  • Great value for your money
  • Medium Density Fibreboard
  • Accommodates 20 hanger at a time
  • and many more


Color: Dynamic
Main Material: MBF Wood
Model: Wanger1.0
Product Line: OYESourceVAPS
Size (L x W x H cm): 77 x 23 x 16
Weight (kg): 7.0

Installation Instruction

  1. Lift Wanger and place it on the desired location of the wall.
  2. Mark the position of the holes for drilling on the wall according to the hole position on the plate.
  3. Use an harmer or any hard substance (e.g. stone) to drive the tornado nails to the wall.
  4. Carefully hang Wanger in the nail at the wall to finish the installation and enjoy!

Wanger Pictures

Why Wanger?

It dawn on us that lot’s of students in Fuoye (Federal University Oye-Ekiti) need this product (instinct) but it’s unfortunate that there’s no knowledge as to where to get it, or maybe the disappointment from the furniture men is not a good experience, not to talk of the bad materials used in constructing the products.

And so we thought why not we solve this problem, there’s value to be added, and we trust we can deliver a Quality, Classic, Affordable and Durable Wall Hanger and so Wanger was birthed (about 2 weeks ago) to be powered via OYESource Spot (OSpotr)

Buy yourself a copy of Wanger

What do you think about Wanger? Drop your comments below.

Introducing: TempA – Temporary Accommodation Service by OHouse

November 15, 2019 in Milestone, News and Update

About a month and 15 days ago we Launched OHouse (October 1st, 2019) and so today we are here to share with you an amazing concept we started developing out of the need (gut feeling). Discover more below…

At OHouse, the mission is to find you a befitting and affordable house and our method is trust and transparency. With tons of hostels and apartments for rent in almost every schools, state, and city across the nation, weβ€˜re here to help you secure your next house. 

Why TempA?

You want to visit a University but you don’t know anyone in the school and have no idea where you’ll stay when you arrive. There maybe hotels but the idea of paying ₦5000 ~ ₦10,000/night is something most people can’t afford.

We all know that feeling πŸ‘†

So TempA is created out of this need by OHouse to provide you a Temporary Accommodation for Fresher’s (with/without parent) or anyone visiting the University/Higher Institution.

How TempA Works

TempA works in a very simple way. Anytime you need a Temporary Accommodation (available in Fuoye only as at 11/11/2019). You access the TempA service through any of the method stated below and you will be provided a conducive room for your Temporary stay (maximum 20 days).

Methods to Get Temporary Accommodation (TempA)

Method 1 (Online): Go-to www.ohouse.ng/tempa

Select the Temporary Accommodation Plan; days that you need, pick your arrival date & time, then fill your necessary details and finally make payment directly online or on-site at our office when you when you arrive.

Method 2 (Offline): Call OHouse on 234 70 52 2525 20

As soon as you arrive, and make your payment, you will be linked with one of our Temporary Accomodators for your stay.

TempA Gender: Male & Female stay seperate
TempA fee: ₦1000/night/day.

PS: You Can Make Money Letting out Your Room (Majorly for Stalites)

Become a Temporary Accommodators (Tempas) for free and earn money when we link you up with. Signups here: www.ohouse.ng/tempas

To Contact OHouse

WhatsApp: https://wa.me/2347052252520 or πŸ“ž070 52 2525 20

OHouse ~ Befitting and Affordable Housing for all Students

Just like that TempA is here and we positively anticipate the impact TempA will make, Stay with us as we’ll bring you further updates on the OHouse and the journey to building the OYESource Empire one day at a time.

20 Days After OHouse Launch, How far and How Well?

October 20, 2019 in Milestone, News and Update

The OHouse Lanch journey started October 1st, 2019. Here is a detailed information showing how far and how well we have done so far with OHouse.

You know what they say about the journey of a thousand mile? Today we are recording 20 days, someday we’ll talk about 2 years, and another 20 years and more! 🀭

We’re here to grow and stay!

Website Visits

Our major medium of publicity for the past 20 days has been WhatsApp handle (Fuoye community), and we’re encouraged about the 29, result so far and the next couple of days/week we implement more marketing strategies.

OHouse Overall Visits
  • OHouse 20 Days Google Analytics
  • OHouse 20 Days Google Analytics
  • OHouse 20 Days Google Analytics

App Downloads

We launched on October 1st with an Android Apk file to be downloaded and installed by users and we record over 200 installs of the OHouse App installs.

OHouse Andriod Apk-20 Days Download
OHouse Andriod Apk -20 Days Download

Enquiries Call/WhatsApp

And yes! WhatsApp was integrated into the susystem so we can be easily reached and it’s working, especiall now that we’ve integrated a Click to To Book Now button on all property listed.

  • OHouse WhatsApp Chat Screenshot - 20 Days

Social Media

OHouse presence is not missing on the major social media handles; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Below is how far we’ve socially grown in the past 20 days.

  • OHouse Facebook Growth Screenshot - 20 Days
  • OHouse Instagram Growth Screenshot - 20 Days
  • OHouse Twitter Growth Screenshot - 20 Days


None! 🀭

We believe this is owing to the fact that the Fuoye 2018/2019 session is stipulated to end by December/January 2020 meaning the market is not ready to make use of our service, but we are doing the hardwork now so when the demand come, we will be able to supply.

So that’s it! 20 days gone, more to come. Stay with us on the journey to building the OYESource Empire one day at a time.

The Journey from OYESource Housing to OHouse

October 1, 2019 in Milestone, News and Update

Just few hours to launch our new platform OHouse and we believe it worth sharing how we journey from OYESource Housing to OHouse.

We started OYESource Housing in early 2017 when Fuoye students demanded and voiced out the need for a trusted, reliable & affordable (not over billing) Agency to provide accommodation.

We saw the need and started OYESource Housing, implementing technology to provide accommodation without the stress.

It was then hosted on www.oyesource.com/housing

May 23, 2018 the OYESource Rebirth took place:

The day our Founder – David Oladejo redefined OYESource & we develop a structure for everything we’ve done so far between 2015-2018 and the concept of OYESource Empire (Mother Company of everything OYESource) was birthed.

Then, we had to move/host OYESource Housing on Wakonect has Wakonect then was structured to accommodate all OYESource Value Added Products.

You can read more about the OYESource Rebirth here

2017, 2018 we tried our best and believe we did fine with OYESource Housing as we delivered our best with OYESource Housing through Wakonect and sure the students we serviced can attest to that (of course without some tiny little not so good mistakes.)

In November 2018, we officially registered OYESource Housing with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC: 2690660 in other for us to carry out all Real Estate activity/service legally.

Here’s where it gets interesting

Most projects on OYESource Empire have been undergoing some sort of restructuring including OYESource Housing.

We’ve finally gotten a clear path for how we want OYESource Housing to be.

And for some couple of weeks now, we we’ve been actively putting in efforts with lots of underground work into the development of our new platform for you to Find & Rent the best off-campus hostel in Fuoye. And that led us to…

Welcome to OHouse


Yes! 🀭

Stay with us as we’ll bring you further updates on the OHouse brand

Question and Answer Web Platform (QnA) Launched for Fuoye Aspirants

May 18, 2019 in News and Update

This is definitely a good news for everyone intending to enter Fuoye from now henceforth.

For 3 years, It has always been our desire to do something different and better for the Aspirant support we’ve been providing for those aspiring to enter Fuoye. And now we’re glad to make it public after series of development and testing.

The idea for operating a Question and Answer Platform came last year (2018) while the development started mid-February, 2019.

Explore the website here: https://fuoye.co/aspirant

We are anticipating what may become of this platform. Till then, It Pays to Know The Source.

2019 REVIEW: Help us Make OYESource Empire Better for You

May 16, 2019 in News and Update

Thanks for stopping by, Our Vision is to be the world’s most resourceful company; empowering people and enriching societies.

We are working towards this with our arms of brands and right now, we want you to shape how and everything we do at OYESource Empire.

Please drop your honest view on this opinion poll. It won’t take you up to 3mins (12 questions).

πŸ—“ Poll closing on 23/5/2019

Davidollad Dissolves Current Team OYESource, Now Let’s Start Afresh

February 19, 2019 in News and Update

Sometimes you have to tear down in order to rebuild. This may appear strand and not so good, but it’s a thing of joy that its happening fast and for the better.

I took this decision with good intention, believing it’ll be for the betterment of the OYESource Empire.


Below is the full overview of what, why and how, culled from Davidollad’s Blog

2019 has been a significant year, one that I’m just so proactive about, one reason is that I just can’t wait to fully apply all the lesson I’ve learnt so far in the journey and interestingly, I’ve found myself taking some decisions/doing some things I never expect I will do, for example the decision to dissolve my entire OYESource Team and start afresh with a combination of same set of people and new ones.

Well, I’m an fan of change, always embracing it as fast as possible as I’ve come to learnt things change a lot and very fast (as a result of our thoughts and action), but regardless, it will always be forward ever.

So in line with my conscious documentation, though this is just one piece of the pizza (you may not really get the full picture), I decided to share here the message I sent to my team and scope of the whole dissolving.

PS: Without removing the WhatsApp styling symbols, here we go.

Good Morning to you all.

Being part of OYESource team is more than this WhatsApp group, this WhatsApp group to me is more like a way for each and everyone of us to stay connected together (distance notwithstanding) to continue to communicate, grow and build together.

Interestingly, today 19 February, 2019 is going to be a significant day in the history of OYESource, in reference to a Team members act above, I just took a decision right now and I‘m acting on it.

This is a delegate time (lots of things going on FAGEnSAGE ’19, e-learning launch, OSpotr +… just to mention a few), and it seems perfect timing for me to do this as the leader and CEO/CEH of everything OYESource _(of course I’m still learning & growing day-by-day)_ I’m going to *dissolve this WhatsApp group and this connote a direct and significant symbol/way of dissolving the entire OYESource team*, I will follow this up with an SMS to notify us one by one.

Though, this may look confusing, I’m imaging myself waking up to such a message if I where in your shoe, but my intention for doing this is so as to reshuffle the house, set things straight, and start afresh plus to make it easy for anyone among us who has actually left days, weeks, months back but hasn’t gotten the opportunity to leverage on to exist.

_Not everybody who started the race will finish and not all those who finished the race started from the beginning._

*Mind You…*

This is not a departing message, and I don’t want it to sound like one. I want you to see this as natural _(one of those things)_ especially the moment where there’s significant growth _(even though the brand still has more economic loss than profit)_, there’ll be *changes*, boxed up issues that needs to be cleared, *changes we need to embrace* and to me it totally normal. Funny, we don’t hear this “ugly” part of how Dangote, Facebook, Amazon, Mavin Record and co. was built.

I know we are all students, buts it’s over 3 years I started OYESource and we’ve built it to this stage, everything OYESource as never been a joke to me, it has been one of my top 3 priorities day and night, now it’s time to really run OYESource as the Empire she really is.

*Right now, we Ride or Die* (lol, that’s a strong one, but I hope you get my message)

*So What’s Next?*

This dissolving is actually a fresh start. it’s simple, for the few and hopefully all of us who are still in interested in this journey to stardom, building the OYESource Empire together (which will definitely happen with you as an essential part).

You can (one by one) send me a Direct Message on my WhatsApp, and clearly state what you want to bring in/contribute/offer as I believe you are fully endowed with the vision, mission, objective and scope of everything OYESource _(It’s good I’m already looking forward to a way to get us all trained and also open the chance to recruit more like minds)_, where you believe you best fit in the building of a future we can all be proud of, living an impactful/valuable life which gives us the privilege and resources to live the life of our dreams.

It’s like a family, everyone may leave, the girls get married to another family and the guys build their own family, while some of the children take after the father and skyrocket the father’s vision beyond limit, and as the father, I’m going no where, this is a lifelong vision, that would continue to get clearer and will continue to be executed even after my death (forever).

*I Love You All!* ❀

Now let’s start afresh β™»

We are confident to share this with you and can’t wait to show the positive result thereafter.