Hello OCloud!

August 27, 2020 in News and Update, Promotion and Opportunities

Before now we have always thought of something we can continuously give from OYESource Empire to the world for free, and finally here is it.

OCloud is LIVE

What is OCloud?

OCloud – The new home for all your CHERISHED Files. A cloud storage service platform we created where you get 12G free to keep/upload, backup, manage and access your files (photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, and more) on any device, from anywhere.

Here is How OCloud Came into Existence

Some months back (about 4 months ago), our founder Davidollad came up with the idea and developed the platform with the intention to make it a storage centre for the OYESource Empire files for current team and future staff for the running of the Company. But we didn’t make good use of it, it was just there.

Drawing vibe from his loss of valuable content (from the unfortunate attack/robbery) compelled him to see how valuable the Cloud Storage can be – to safe-keep all important files that can never be gotten back if lost. And so we began to make use of the Cloud Storage more.

Some few weeks back, we began to think, “how many people out there have suffered from this same experience?” That have lost valuable files (robbed, attacked, misplace or whatever the case may be), files that could have been kept safe in the cloud an accessible anytime of the day, from any part of the world.

So we decided to make it available to the general public, and then it even makes more sense as something to offer for free without charging.

OCloud Homepage

Even though cloud service is not a new concept, but based on the feedbacks and observation, it appears people over here are not really aware of the big guys out there, the DropBox, Google Drive, Mega & co. and so we’re hoping to get the OCloud idea and value out to the public as much as we can.

And from today 27 August, 2020 we’re making OCloud available to the public, with 12G free to store, safe and access all your files.

Yes, we know this is a HUGE one… 🤗

The OCloud platform is a very expensive one to develop and manage (server and co), but it’s worth it and we’re hoping to explore the possibilities that comes with such a useful product.

Of a truth, it pays to know the source. OCloud is here, while OVest is coming in some couple of days from now.

There you go, OCloud to the world.

OYESource Housing Now Registered – First CAC Company Registration in OYESource

November 14, 2018 in Milestone, News and Update, Promotion and Opportunities, Resources

Yes, it’s a good one & my Team and I are Happy. In the real sense, we Started OYESource Housing not because we wanted to just make money off you, but to actually solve real time problem in accommodation issue & provide a better experience securing accommodation on campus.

Little by little we’re getting there.

We are please to inform you that OYESource Housing is now dully registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC: 2690660

You can always trust & make use of OYESource Housing to solve your accommodation need within campus.


070 52 2525 20 or Click Here to Chat on WhatsApp

OYESource Housing ® ~ Smart Way To Secure Accommodation on Campus.

Next Incorporation We are Working Towards…

OYESource Empire and OSCEntz ~ OYESource Entertainment then we go wild 🙊.

See details about the re-branding of OYESource Housing to OHouse