It’s the OYESource Rebirth

May 23rd, 2018 – Everything there is to know about the new OYESource you see here today


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Hi, We’re OYESource

An innovative collective of like-minded folks driven with passion to make life better and meaningful for you by housing a host of liberating knowledge on our e-learning marketplace.

The idea, the initial
spark from David — 2015

OYESource in 2015
OYESource started out as the platform to upload and share academic materials (pdf) among student and established a medium to constantly provide and equip all Federal University Oye-Ekiti (Fuoye) students with valuable resources in various aspects of students life in order to help them achieve excellence in Fuoye and life after Fuoye.

Identified basic
youth needs & wants – 2016

Studied and listened to the needs of our environment and identified what is missing but fixable, so we made it our mission to be the best source that meets the needs in the following sections: Education, Business/Entrepreneurship, Media, Entertainment, and Social.

Vision and Mission Established – 2017

OYESource established quite a number of products and services this year to tackle challenges and spiced up the neighbourhood. Then the vision was established – to be earth’s most resourceful company; to build a place where youths can come to find knowledge, develop skills and discover solutions they need to actualize their dreams.

Insight into the Future, leading to
The Rebirth to a single core Purpose – 2018

OYESource in 2018
Now we’ve segmented all existing project and services under OSCEntz and Wakonect. And now living the vision of the “OYESource Brand“. Through this e-learning marketplace, no matter where you live if you have an internet connection you can learn ANY skill you want (personal, business, career) from the comfort of your home on your own terms.


Our brand promise

Our brand promise of “Live Your Dreams Today” is our commitment to humanity. We want every African to feel empowered to live life to its fullest and live the life they’ve always dreamed of, no matter where they are.

We’re always accepting instructors

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