As 2019 is about to come to an end, it brings us pleasure to present to you…


Wanger is the Wall Hanger designed to cater for the neat handling of your clothes, suits, bag, belts, shirts and other accessories. It has a sturdily constructed stainless steel roll that can accommodate a large number of clothing. It is simple and easy to install on the wall.

Wanger gives your room a beautiful effect with your cloths well arranged on it for a free and spacious room! It’s an ideal hanger for all adult clothing. Constructed from a durable, strong, smooth medium density fibreboard (MBF) wall hanger. Suitable hanging for shirts, trousers, skirts, ties & belts etc.

It is built to keep your accessories neatly arranged and out of the way. Wanger is ideal to use in offices and rooms with limited space. Its another form of decor for your offices, homes and hotels, hostels and laundry shops. Practical for saving space in your home. Wanger will keep your room, office and home organized for many years to come.

Wanger Features & Benefits

  • Space saving
  • Fashionable and stylish
  • Very Strong and Durable
  • Easy to fix on the wall
  • Great value for your money
  • Medium Density Fibreboard
  • Accommodates 20 hanger at a time
  • and many more


Color: Dynamic
Main Material: MBF Wood
Model: Wanger1.0
Product Line: OYESourceVAPS
Size (L x W x H cm): 77 x 23 x 16
Weight (kg): 7.0

Installation Instruction

  1. Lift Wanger and place it on the desired location of the wall.
  2. Mark the position of the holes for drilling on the wall according to the hole position on the plate.
  3. Use an harmer or any hard substance (e.g. stone) to drive the tornado nails to the wall.
  4. Carefully hang Wanger in the nail at the wall to finish the installation and enjoy!

Wanger Pictures

Why Wanger?

It dawn on us that lot’s of students in Fuoye (Federal University Oye-Ekiti) need this product (instinct) but it’s unfortunate that there’s no knowledge as to where to get it, or maybe the disappointment from the furniture men is not a good experience, not to talk of the bad materials used in constructing the products.

And so we thought why not we solve this problem, there’s value to be added, and we trust we can deliver a Quality, Classic, Affordable and Durable Wall Hanger and so Wanger was birthed (about 2 weeks ago) to be powered via OYESource Spot (OSpotr)

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